Glimpses of my Childhood

Hey guys 👋

Today’s post is majorly a photograph based post. You know more like a feel good post. I have been feeling a little nostalgic lately!

We had shifted to a new place very recently and during this shifting I happened to find my work from when I was a kid!!

Ah! The happiness of finding stuffs related to our childhood. I went back to the times when I used to work on these little cuties with utmost care and dedication. Feels really good to have some things reminding me of where it all started.

So today I decided that I would share my memories and some of the works I did when I was in high school.

Hand Painting
Leaf Painting
Vegetable Painting  (using bittergourd)
Hand and Finger Painting
Leaf Painting
Finger Painting
Vegetable Painting (using bitter gourd, potato and parsley)
Toothbrush Painting
Village Scene (Oil Pastel)
I made this using old magazine pages


This craft kit was gifted to me by my teacher. I still have fun with it 😀

And guess what else I found?!


I LOVED playing with this.


I will tell you guys something.

I played with this kitchen set before taking the photographs.

I will tell you guys – I never felt as nostalgic as I did today!!

Enjoy the photographs.

Much Love.

Have fun,

– Happy Crafting!


Surgeon theme Birthday Explosion Box

Hello guys 👋

I basically will be doing a project share today. I recently made this surgeon theme birthday explosion box which turned out pretty cute!

Everything is made from scratch including the write ups which has been handwritten.

I won’t be doing a tutorial but I will be sharing the pictures and I will talk about it as we keep going in.


These are some round little tags I made that went round the box.

I used royal blue cardstock as base for the box and covered it with some surgeon theme scrapbook paper to give it a more decorative look.


I used whisper white cardstock to make these tags. To give them a more vibrant look I coloured them using pencil colours.


The tags went on either sides of the flaps.


This little booklet holds a series of photographs. I tied it with a small round of baby pink yarn and embellished with sparkling little star dotties.


Here are some completed photographs of the box.


So yeah! That’s about it!

Surgeon theme birthday explosion box.


Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting!



Making of my first Birdhouse

Hello crafters! 👋


Long time no see, eh?

I know! You see, for the past one month I have been just so busy!! I have taken up a project which kept me tied up for most of my times. In addition I also have been studying. I have got a major exam coming up so I have and it just have been a really busy time for me.

So I have had a few friends this past month! Let me introduce them to you.

Say hello to…… uh……. my tools!?!


A bit too dramatic?! I know!

But truth be told I have been spending way more time cutting amd nailing and colouring in the process of creating my first BIRDHOUSE!!!

Check out some pictures 👇


All this started back when I saw a couple of sparrows on my yard. They seemed so so cute! ❤ I started putting out little food for them and to my surprise it would vanish in no time! I started a little detective investigation because the amount of food I used to put out was impossible to go out so soon! Turns out they aren’t eating any of it. They are carrying the food on their beaks!

I figured there were baby sparrows somewhere! 🐣

And it hit me! Let’s make some houses for those little buddies of ours!

My granny’s place is full of them!

Now I have around 12 sparrows! This makes me so happy!!!

So I figured I would make a couple more and put them up for sale! This bird house opens from the top for cleaning purposes.

I am sharing some pictures. Have a look!


I have layered it well with primer. It will protect the ply and will give the birshouse a lasting effect.


Right now I am colouring them. As soon as that process is over I will make another post.


Till then, keep following me on Instagram @muskymiris. I keep uploading little sneak peak videos on Instagram.


Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting!

Birthday Box Card

Greetings crafters 🙏

Today I will be putting up a tutorial on how to make a box card. To make this card, I have used stickers from hike, because I love hike so much 😍

Today is my gal pal’s birthday! So this for you sweety 😙

So crafters, let’s start with the tutorial of a birthday box card.

To make this box card we will require a cardstock measuring 6″ x 13″ inch. Divide and score them into 3″ inch horizontally and the remaining 1″ inch will act as the tab. Next score them at 2″ inch vertically. The following template should help.


Score on the dotted lines and cut the straight lines i.e 2″ inch  from the top.

Cut off the corners of the tab.

Next glue the tab onto place i.e. to the other end of the card stock.

It will form a box with flaps on the top.

Onto the center of the hollowed box add two to three tabs to glue onto some stickers. ( Sorry, I forgot to take those pictures)


Decorate and vóila!

Cardbox is ready! Flatten it and put it onto an envelope and mail it. As the reciever opens it, it would pop out to form the 3-D card!!




Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting

Double Diamond Fold Card

Yes!!! Card!!

The most simplest and heart-touching way of sending sentiment(s) to the loved ones 😊

Greetings Crafters 🙏

How is everyone?

Today I will be putting up a tutorial on how to make a double diamond fold card.

I won’t be showing you how to make the card from start to end. But I will, however, put up the steps to be followed to make the basic card – followed by some pictures of a card I made.

This card could be flattened and put in an envelope for mailing and also could adorn the mantel as it can stand on its own.

So let’s start with the tutorial!

To make this card, we will need a 10″ x 4″ inch cardstock.

On this cardstock, score at 2″ and 8″ vertically and at 2″ horizontally.

Next, make points at 4″ and 6″ on top and bottom of the card.

Make another set of points at 3″ and 7″ on the horizontal line of the cardstock.

Score them using a scoring tool or the blunt end of a pen without the refill on it.

After the scoring is done, it now time to fold the card.

So firstly fold horizontally.

Open the fold and then make folds on the 2″ and 8″ end of the card.

Flip it over.

Now, push the sides inward and the center outward simultaneously.

As soon as the card comes into shape, press it well with a bone folder so that it would hold the card folds in place. The card would have diamond-shapes on either side.

I have used the stamps Newton’s Sick Day from Newton’s Nook Design for my card.

You can always choose any theme and embellish it in any way you would want to.

So. Here is my finished card.

So, try it out. Let your creativity take the driver’s seat and watch the magic unfold.

And if you need any help you can always contact me.

I will be seeing you all tomorrow again.

Till then,

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting

You can do it too !

Greetings crafters,

How is everyone?

It has been some time we have had a chat, hasn’t it? I have been caught up in quite some of my craftwork.

Well, Sublime Queen Strawberry has a very special guest today.

Please welcome Paul Fernandes – Founder of Imagination Breathing, Author of  Coffee or Passion?, and a very good friend of mine.

Paul is one of those who had a vision and worked hard to make them a reality.

Handing it over to Paul.

You Can Do It Too !

Couple of weeks back Musky mentioned to me that she was working on dreamcatcher and dreams inspired craft series and she requested me to write an article for Sublime Queen Strawberry regarding my journey of following my passion.

Now , I am choosey about where I publish my articles but here I could not refuse, seeing the work she has been doing and how fast her popularity of her craftwork has taken pace. With the portrait of Bob Dylan on the walls of Dylan’s Café in Shillong to getting customized orders from her increasing customers.
I am Paul Fernandes, the founder of Imagination Breathing (, Author of Coffee or Passion? and a lecturer in an International school in Panchgani.



Few years ago I had set out on a journey to make an impact in the lives of people with the help of inspiring articles, very little did I know that it will take momentum and make its way to the viewers in 113 countries.

Why do I tell this to you? 

Simple, If I could make it, so can you and everyone reading this article.
I had a dream of making the positive opinions of people be heard around the world. I knew there are millions of people who have a story to tell, but are never heard, either because they do not get the opportunity or they are too shy. I created the platform and people wanted to read what ‘Imagination Breathing’ had to say.

Following your Dream is never going to be easy.

I remember making a choice of sacrificing things I love to collect enough money to buy rights for “Imagination”. Not everyone is going to Believe in you at first and we need to accept that. You have to believe in yourself. I had people mocking me saying “who the hell are going to read your articles.” And I often said “The world” and today the same people ask me for advice to kick start their life of following their dreams.

Hardwork- There is no easy way out.


I remember sitting at 2 in the morning in Shillong while the rest of the Shillong were sleeping. I would do that to get a better net connectivity.

I never raised Imagination Breathing where it is now on my own. Today I want to thank all the contributors of the articles published on ‘IB’. They have made IB what it is now. It feels good when the posts posted on IB have helped people to follow their passion, to cope up with depression, sexual abuse, suicidal tendencies and above all it has helped them to love.
Your love for your passion will be understood by no one, even the people closest to you. They may support you , BUT WHAT IT MEANS AND HOW MUCH IT MEANS WILL ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD BY YOU.
Don’t tell me you don’t have ideas and no matter how insignificant it may seem, there is a seed of possibility and love in it. So go follow your dream.
I would love to get in touch with you, and if you require any help, I will be more than happy to help you. Get in touch with me at –


You can also follow me on Facebook @imagination breathing

 Paul Fernandes, 


Imagination Breathing 

Inspiring lives.


Feather Works – The Epilogue

Hey everyone 👋

Yesterday was a pleasant surprise! It was really nice meeting Feather Works, wasn’t it?

How amazing is it to be able to weave and capture dreams and inspirations onto a dreamcatcher! And I must say, they do a really good job in it!

She did promise us to be back for today too. So, Please welcome Feather Works.


Hello again!!

As promised, I am back today!


I came up with Feather Works right around the time I started getting orders of dreamcatchers in bulk as well as customized.

The material I like to work with the most is feathers. Hence the name – Feather Works. I believe these feathers carry our dreams, they are soft and light, but put together – they give wings to our dreams.


I use synthetic feathers as I am an animal lover although a fallen feather on my way never goes unmissed and unpicked. I love collecting them 😊

Feather Works is all about spreading good vibes.

Each dreamcatcher is made with a lot of love. I strongly believe that the maker’s thoughts and mood is transferred to the dreamcatcher. As such, I make sure the maker is in a good mood and positive environment while weaving the dreamcatchers.

We aim that our dreamcatchers act as a constant reminder of their dreams to the owners.

Beads. Feathers. Threads.

I can never have enough of them. I am always hunting for different kinds of feathers and embellishments to decorate the catchers!


The one prominent feature which defines Feather Works is COLOUR. I love experimenting with colours.

Our rainbow coloured dreamcatcher has been the bestseller dreamcatcher since the start.


To add more variety I am coming up with a series using broken vines from trees. This series will have a more tribal look and will be made using browns and creams.

big tree of lifeTree of life

I strongly believe we weave our mood together while making the web. So, inorder for the dreamcatcher to work, it is very important that we only have positive thoughts around us.

Dream it and Weave it.

Persevere and Preserve.

Keep pursuing until it is fulfilled.

Keep spreading the vibes!

Feather Works

Dreamcatchers made with a lot of love.

Mail :

Instagram : dreamcatchers_india


NOTE : All photographs are copyright to Feather Works. 

Feather Works – The Prologue

Greetings crafters 🙏

Sublime Queen Strawberry has a guest this week!!!

Please say hello to our first ever feature – Feather Works where dreamcatchers are made with a lot of love.

Feather Works is an establishment of handmade dreamcatcher. They make dreamcatchers in all forms ranging from wall hangings to cute little keychains.

Feathers Works and Sublime Queen Strawberry shares similar views when it comes to dreams and/or in a crafting point of view – Dreamcatchers.

You know what?

Let me take a back seat for this week while my guest Feather Works will be giving you an account of their story and their dreamcatchers.


Hello Sublime Queen Strawberrys‘ 👋

I was so glad when I found out that for this month’s series Muskymiris chose Dreamcatchers for Sublime Queen Strawberry. I was even more delighted when she approached me for a feature on Sublime Queen Strawberry. 😊

How about we start from a little bit about myself ?

I was born and brought up in the very lap of nature, in the beautiful city of Shillong. I did my graduation in Mass Communication from here, before I moved to Mumbai to pursue my post-grad. I worked in a Digital Marketing company for a year and then finally moved back to Shillong where I do freelance graphic designing in case I get free time from pursuing my hobby.

“If you make your hobby your work, you’ll never have a single working day in life.”

I have always believed in the maxim and made this the motto of my life. I follow my passion in art and creativity and make dreamcatchers and paintings, and conduct professional photo and video shoots.

The most satisfying aspect of this facet of my life is when I see my dreamcatchers hanging in a friend’s place and in various cafés or my paintings adorning the walls of a reputed hotel in Shillong.


The first ever Dreamcatcher I saw was somewhere in 2012, at a friend’s place and I immediately fell in love with it.

I began my research on dreamcatchers and when I read about its significance – the mystic nature of these little catchers completely mesmerized me!

I made one for myself the very next day. But one wasn’t enough!!

I wanted to try out different colours and styles. So I made many more and eventually I gifted them to my friends.

Soon my dreamcatchers were in demand and many of my friends wanted one for themselves or wanted to gift them to their loved ones.

A friend then suggested that I start selling them. So I just came up with a facebook page and uploaded the designs. The response was unexpected! From one customer to the next, in a couple of months, the raw materials started occupying an entire almirah from just a little corner in my drawer 😁

DC for Kids-1.JPG

“Inspiration comes in many ways and in many forms.”

My source of inspiration is – nature and my travels.

After my trip to Pondicherry, I made a series using shells which I had collected from Paradise beach.

The starry night sky in Ladakh inspired my ‘The Night Sky‘ dreamcatcher.

Ladakh SkyThe Night SKy~2

Likewise clear blue water and beautiful sunsets in my hometown have inspired several other catchers.


Developing the skill of making a dreamcatcher is no rocket science. What matters in the thought, feeling, mood and environment that goes into making them.

How about a dreamcatcher inspired from your biggest dream and/or your inspiration?

Tell me about your biggest dream and where your inspiration comes from.

A dreamcatcher for every dreamer 😊

I will drop by tomorrow for some more inside peak into my life as an artist and more on my establishment – Feather Works.

Till then …. Keep spreading the vibes!

See you tomorrow!
NOTE: All photographs are copyright to Feather Works.

Dreamcatcher-inspired Card

Hey crafters 🙋

Today I will be sharing with you a three-fold card inspired by dreamcatcher.

The card is 12 x 5 inches and has been folded in 3″ and 9″.

There is a cute little 3D butterfly silhouette on top of the card.


On the inside of the card there is a dreamcatcher on the center flap. A pair of feathers on the right flap with the sentiment – ‘Chase your destiny’. On the left flap there is a frilly circular cardstock with the sentiment – ‘Make a wish’.

The feathers are cut-out from cardstock and are tied together using yarn and then glued to the right flap of the card.


The card could be a present for a birthday or it could simply be for someone to make them feel motivated.



Here are some images of the card.


Fairly easy, yes?

Do send me your versions of Dreamcatcher-inspired card.

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting

Dreamcatcher – A pictorial tutorial

Hello Crafters! 👋

How was your week? Crafty enough? 😀

Well.. I had a really busy week. But I did get a chance to start on a new book. It is just a chapter old. It is a mystery thriller and got me pumped up on the chapter itself! Hopefully I will be getting more time for myself this week. I can’t wait to get back to the book! 📖

So as I had mentioned in my last post, this month I will be blogging on dreams and it’s representation – dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers are actually pretty basic. It requires the minimum supplies and have the ability to be modified by the crafter according to their choices.

Today I will be posting a pictorial representation on the very basic tutorial of how to make a dreamcatcher.

To make a dreamcatcher you will require a hoop, some thread or yarn and beads and feathers for embellishment.


Wrap the yarn around the hoop, making sure it doesn’t unravel. Once the yarn has been wrapped around the entire hoop, tie the end to create a loop.

Tie the end of the thread securely near the loop end. Next, wrap the thread over the hoop and then around. Continue this until you have completed one full circle of loop.

Repeat the above mentioned process BUT this time around the first section of webbing that have been created.

Continue to create circles of webbing by looping over and around each sectionof thread between the previous loops.

Once there is a small space left in the middle, string on a bead, push it all the way through the center without releasing the tension on the thread. Make a tight knot.

Arrange sets of feathers and beads and add laces or ribbons or both and tie them to add the finishing touches to your dreamcatcher.

Ta daaa. .! 😄

The dreamcatcher is ready to adorn your wall or your bed stand or wherever you please to put it.

I will be back tomorrow with a dreamcatcher-inspired craft. Until then….

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting