Colours of Spring


“Spring is nature’s way of saying Let’s Party – Robin Williams”

Well! I happen to absolutely agree with Robin Williams.

The special smell of the soil. The blooming of flowers. the mild blowing of the wind. Ah!

The state of the mighty river Brahmaputra, Assam, happens to celebrate spring in the best way possible — the Assamese New Year.. !!!!

The Assamese New Year basically marks the first day of the Hindu solar calendar and is majorly associated with the crop cycle.

The native term for the Assamese New Year is Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu. Celebrations begins in mid-April and generally continues for the month. On the New Year’s Eve community dinner feasts are organized and/or family and friends get together for New Year’s Eve dinner party.

Traditional delicacies of the Assamese New Year i.e. Rongali Bihu includes coconut balls, sesame seed balls, rice cakes, puffed rice served with curd and jaggery, coconut stuffed calzone pockets, salted fried crackers and an array of sweets including payash.

I, personally, am a big fan of Rongali Bihu. I absolutely love dancing to the beats of the local drum called Dhul and the pepa.


That’s me! Dancin’ away to the beats of a bihu song… Don’t I look pretty??!!

For the next month or so I will be blogging on crafts associated with this very happy and very joyous Assamese New Year. They will be fairly easy to make and very cost effective.

And I didn’t even tell you the best part yet !

You can customize them according your own choices!!! 

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your share of craft supplies and get ready to rock this new year like never before!

P.S: If you will, please send me your creations. I would love to feature them on my blog. (not to          worry! due credit will be given) 🙂 

Much Love,

Have fun

– Happy Crafting



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