Rongali Note Card Gift Bag


The Rongali Note Card Gift Bag is another really really easy craft. This gift bag is in lieu with the note card that we made on the previous tutorial.

There is always a tradition of gift giving during the holidays and special occasions. Now when the gift wrapping is really cool, the excitement of that gift always increases. Also to be able to give a gift that looks pretty makes you feel really good, doesn’t it? You can always whip up some goodies for your family and friends and gift them by putting them in this very very easy to make gift bag.

So then let’s get on with the tutorial.

For starters, take a yellow cardstock  measuring 20cm x 40cm. and cut it in this specific template.


Fold the template vertically in 6 cm – 12 cm – 6 cm – 12 cm and the flap measuring 4 cm. Cut the template vertically 3 cm from the lower end and fold. Paste the lower end of the template with craft glue. After gluing it you should end up with something looking like this.


Don’t worry if you do not get it done in the first try. If you have doubts, I suggest giving the first try on a simple craft paper. Then move on to the cardstock.

Now let’s get some accessories for the gift bag. It is kind of looking plain, right?

Since this gift bag is in lieu with the note card hence I will accessorize it with the same stickers but only a tad smaller in size.20170303_160251~2.jpg

The basic outlay is almost similar to the note card. The same materials have been used to make it. The only difference being I made it in a round shape.

Paste this on to the center of the gift bag using some craft glue.



Aaaand….. Voila!!!

The gift bag is ready!!!

Whip up some coconut balls and some rice cakes stuffed with sesame seeds and jaggery, pack them and along with the note card, it is ready to be some one’s New Year gift!


The gift giving process doesn’t always have to be expensive and hectic. It only needs to be from the heart and pretty looking – Muskymiris

Much Love,

Have fun

Happy Crafting



2 thoughts on “Rongali Note Card Gift Bag

  1. I am so proud of you and so so so happy for you… my love for craft got pressed under my heavy schedule but to work with you, I can definitely squeeze out sometime.. looking forward to going back and working with you… with loads of love and even more best wishes…

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