Rongali Note Card


This note card is fairly easy to make and requires the very basic and minimal of craft supplies. There are endless possibilities to customize this note card to give it your own unique touch. So familiarize with the basic steps of how to create this really pretty note card and get crafting.


Take a cream card stock of 5″x 4″ and mark it with some yellow dots. The dots could be as random as you want.

Next, take a fluorescent green craft paper and cut a off piece that looks like a wave.


Now paste this wave onto the lower of your cardstock and decide on your choice of stickers. I chose the fox-tailed orchid, which blossoms during the spring and the very traditional assamese sun hat, the Japi and the Gamusa.

You can always mix and match and make trial and error judgements as in where and how to put the stickers. I suggest doing that because then it gives you a number of random choices which makes it easier to choose the perfect outlay.


Next, take a yellow cardstock and paste the cream cardstock on to with using your craft glue. Just make sure that the yellow craft stock is at least half of an inch bigger than the the other card stock.Since we started out with a 5″ x 4″ cardstock hence, the yellow cardstock should be measuring at least 5.3″ x 4.3″.

Now write the sentiment of your choice. Since this is a Rongali bihu card hence I also added a small phrase regarding to bihu song. I have cut off two small banners from a white and a yellow craft paper and wrote specific sentiments on it. You know just because..!


So… that is it !!

Isn’t it really really easy to make???

So here is it. My fairly simple and very humble Rongali Note Card.

Much Love,

Have fun

– Happy Crafting


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