Rhino Gift Bag


This cute little rhino gift bag is another one of my Assamese New Year crafts. You might have noticed that I kept it quite simple this time around. That is because I wanted the Rhino to be the center of attraction in here. And I think I have accomplished my idea perfectly. Isn’t this pupper looking cute?!

My initial plan was to whip up some calzone pockets stuffed with sesame seeds, pack them up and present it to my dearest nana  in this very gift bag but……… I am going to keep this one with me (GUILTY!!). I am really really loving this gift bag and I had lots of fun making it!

You know what? I am going to make one more this cutie pie and go back to my initial plan i.e gifting it to my nana. My cooking skills aren’t as legit as her is but I am sure she is going to love them when I gift it to her in this cute gift bag.

But before that let me show you how I made it.

WARNING ! You are not going to believe how easy peasy this actually is!!! 

First of all get hold of some grey coloured card stock. Cut a 30 x 30 cm square and divide it into 10 x 10 x 10 cm, both horizontally and vertically. 

Cut off all the side squares and only keeping tabs on two sides to glue them together later. Put adhesive on the tabs and glue them together to make a cube. It should look something like this.

This is the base of our gift bag. Now time for my favourite part. Making it look pretty!!!

I made some stickers. The cute little face of the rhino, those cute little hands and feet. I also made a sticker to put my sentiment in.

Glue the face of the rhino to the back of the cube on the inner side. Glue the hands onto the front along with the sentiment and the feet. 

I put them up this way. It kind of makes it look like as if the rhino is holding the sentiment on its cute little hands (or paws!).

Also cut a thin strip from the same grey coloured card stock and glue it on either sides to make the handle.

And there it is. The Rhino gift bag is ready.

That was easy peasy, wasn’t it? !

Awww!!! Look at him sneaking a view to look at all the decor I did to flaunt him! 

He sure is going to spread some smiles this Rongali Bihu.

And like I mentioned earlier, I am going to make another one and this one I am definitely gifting it to my nana.

Much Love, 

Have fun. 

                                 – Happy Crafting 



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