DIY Wreath


I have a specific love for wreaths. I have always wanted one in my house, right on the front door. It makes the house look so pretty. If you think about it, wreaths are equivalent to an accessory. Accessory for the house, just as is an earring or a handbag for us ladies!!

During Christmas, almost everyone in Shillong would put up a wreath on their front door. It would make everything look so pretty. It also kind of gives out a vibe of liveliness!

So, for this Assamese New Year, I decided to make a wreath. I made a mini version of one because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Moreover, I took a different approach to it. This mini wreath isn’t the common popular wreath that is usually seen. It is different. Quite different actually.  Wreaths are usually made out of twigs and leaves and flowers or mesh and burlap and ribbons. I made it out of a cardboard piece and used stickers cut out of craft paper and some paper flower resembling the very native fox-tail orchid or kopouphul. I had to make quite a few trial and error before actually finalizing the look of my wreath. Also making the fox-tail orchid was a bit tough because the actual flowers are so small! I had to do a full anatomy study on it before deciding on how to make the flowers!!!

You might be thinking why the fox-tail orchid specifically. It is because the fox-tail orchid holds very dear to the Assamese women. They accessorise their hair bun with this flower when dancing Bihu. Without this flower their hair bun is never complete. Hence, the fox-tail orchid.

At the end, the wreath turned out pretty well actually! I am going to put it up on my front door this Rongali Bihu. Hopefully the house will like it!

How about I show you how I made it? Let’s go….

First up we will have to make a base for the wreath. To do that, cut off a circular piece of cardboard and make the centre hollow. A paper cutter should to do the trick. When you have the cardboard base ready, wrap it up with green woollen yarn.


Thrift stores are best bet to get the cardboard piece and the yarn. I got my yarn at 10 rupees which is less than a dollar!!

Wrap up the whole cardboard base with the yarn and secure it properly.


What I wanted was for the wreath to portray a picture. A picture capturing the aspects of the Bihu dance. Also I wanted the fox-tail orchid to take the center stage, which is why I kept the stickers small.

I made the orchid out of craft paper. Cut the petals out in the specific shape and colour them to make them look as much alike as the actual orchid. It was a tough job to get the petals right.




Time to assemble the wreath.

I tied the orchid to one side of the wreath and added the stickers to one end of the orchid. On to the other end of the orchid,  I tied a ribbon to make the look complete.


So… this is it.

My Rongali Bihu inspired DIY mini wreath.

It is looking pretty, isn’t it?

I think my house is going like it!!

Do send me your views on my Bihu inspired DIY mini wreath.


Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting


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