Bihu Wishes Card


Hello fellow crafters!!! 👋

It is that time of the week again!! 

Today I will be doing a tutorial on an amazingly beautiful card. Trust me when I say you will be proud of yourself after making this particular card.

Greeting cards, I feel, are THE best way to convey a feeling and bring a smile on the face of the receiver. There is the beautiful front and of course the blank part on the inside of the card which you can fill it with all your thoughts – everything that you want to say.

My motto –

When in doubt go with a card and some chocolates 

They will never fail you! For an extra touch add some flowers 😊

The card that we are going to make today has one tricky part. Just one little tricky bit – get that right and I promise it is going to be one pretty card.

So then, shall we..??

For this particular card I used an orange embossed cardstock measuring 6.5″ x 5″.

I had this cardstock from a long time and I thought of using it for this card but you can always use any simple cardstock if you want to.

So, a 6.5 x 5 inches cardstock. Cut a circle to the upper side of it. Not to the middle but the upper side. Now, cut another circle from the same circle but just eight of an inch smaller.

If it is making you confused take a look at the picture below for reference. You should have these three parts.


Next we need our embellishments. In this case, the stickers.

This card I made to showcase a part of the Bihu dance towards the end where the nasoni dances around the dhuliya and the pepà player.

Hence I used these respective stickers, namely – the nasoni (female dancer), the dhuliya (drum player) and the pepà badok (bugle player).


On to the smaller intact circle glue the bugle player just in the centre.


Before we go onto the next step, make a stack of 4-5 cardstock circles in the size of a small penny and glue them together.

You can use a penny if you want to but I prefer using the paper circle because then I can make adjustments if required.

So now we have a total of three part.

1. The hollowed cardstock, 2. The intact circle, and,  3. The penny-size circle.

Stick double-sided foam tape. Take the picture below as a reference.


For this next step, cut a cardstock measuring 13.3″ x 5.3″ and fold it in half.

Make sure it is of the same cardstock to ensure an outlook of fluidity.

First stick the hollowed cardstock making sure it is equidistant from all sides. Next stick the intact circle in the center of the hollowed out part, making sure again that it is equidistant from all sides.

Now insert the small circle right in the space in between. This time make sure the foam tape side is facing front. That is where we will stick our dancer.

It should be able to move. So make sure you take the correct size penny and insert it well.


I have inserted two photos for better reference.


Stick the dancer on the small foam tape and the dhuliya towards the lower end of the card.


Time to add sentiments!!!!

Because what is a card without sentiments, right?


I also added a phrase in my native language, i.e Assamese.

This particular phrase is sung by the dhuliya to the nasoni which basically says,’Would you please dance with me’.

Yeah! No question mark because it is an invite to which no Assamese girl says no to 😊






So, here it is! The Bihu Wishes Card.

Also the dancer moves!!!! To see the dancer moving check out my Instagram or Twitter feed.

I tried to keep the instructions elaborate but simple at the same time. Hopefully the accompanying pictures has also helped.

If you have any queries feel free to contact me. Leave a comment or mail me or leave a message on Fb or Twitter or even DM me on Instagram. Whichever suits your boat!!!

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting


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