Bihu Pop-up Card


Hello crafters ๐Ÿ‘‹

Today’s craft is a handmade pop-up card!

Pop-up cards always held my fascination. They are so life-like in comparison to simple cards. Not that simple cards are any less! They never goes out of fashion, or in this case never loses it craftiness.

But pop-up cards helps you to add different dimension and gives a whole new outlook to the simple and humble card.

In the world of craft, there are so many talented 3D artists out there who craft amazing pop-ups in the form of cards and storybooks and gift items.

My pop-up card is fairly simple, as always and will take very less time and lots of fun for you to create this card.

So… Let’s get popping ๐Ÿ˜‰

To start with we will need two different coloured cardstock paper. One for each side of the card.

I have used a Zaffre and a lighter shade of Mint coloured cardstocks.


Here are some of the stickers that I have used in this card.

I added the elements representing Bihu, the dancers and a bit of history too. And I wanted to add a little waterfall – just because I love them! ๐Ÿ˜†


Next I glued some of those stickers, barring the dancers, onto the Zaffre cardstock. I glued the finished cardstock to upper half of a 10 x 4.5″ white cardstock and on to the other half I glued the Mint cardstock.

P.S. The white cardstock is 10 x 4.5″ which is then folded in half with each half measuring 5 x 4.5″


Now to create the pop-up, I made some tabs by folding the tabs in half and then folding each end towards the outside. The ends will be glued to the card to create the pop-up. So basically these tabs will be the base my pop-up card


I also created these wave-like tabs which will be secured to the tabs. They differ in size because one will be put in front of the other. So the bigger one will be towards the back and the smaller towards the front.


Glue the ends of the tabs to either side of the fold (in the card) and glue the bigger wave-like tab. Repeat the same process with the smaller one.

While gluing the tabs it is really important to keep these two things in mind –

1. The tabs should be glued in a way that allows card to close and open without any hindrance

2. The tabs should not be seen from the front. So make sure you adjust the size of the tabs according to the wave-like tabs.


Here is a view of the glued tabs from the top.


So now onto the wave-like tabs, I added the dancers.

And of course, the un-avoidable in any card …. The sentiment.


While creating this card, I wanted to create a whole scene as it is done in paintings. I kept the dancers exclusively for the pop-up.

It is looking so good! The backdrop is telling a story of itself – the story of spring, the story of the history of Assam. The dancers, on the front, the part of Bihu without whom the celebrations will be incomplete.

Oh! ย I almost forgot!!!

This is the inside of the card. The outside is still to be embellished! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


For the front of the card, I used the Zaffre cardstock and glued onto it the sticker my favourite orchid, the fox-tail orchid and the jaapi and gamusa sticker. I decided to keep it simple. I added a little sentiment and…



So here it is..

The front and the inside of the card


Check out my Instagram feed for the video of this card.

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting


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