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Dreamcatcher – A pictorial tutorial

Hello Crafters! πŸ‘‹

How was your week? Crafty enough? πŸ˜€

Well.. I had a really busy week. But I did get a chance to start on a new book. It is just a chapter old. It is a mystery thriller and got me pumped up on the chapter itself! Hopefully I will be getting more time for myself this week. I can’t wait to get back to the book! πŸ“–

So as I had mentioned in my last post, this month I will be blogging on dreams and it’s representation – dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers are actually pretty basic. It requires the minimum supplies and have the ability to be modified by the crafter according to their choices.

Today I will be posting a pictorial representation on the very basic tutorial of how to make a dreamcatcher.

To make a dreamcatcher you will require a hoop, some thread or yarn and beads and feathers for embellishment.


Wrap the yarn around the hoop, making sure it doesn’t unravel. Once the yarn has been wrapped around the entire hoop, tie the end to create a loop.

Tie the end of the thread securely near the loop end. Next, wrap the thread over the hoop and then around. Continue this until you have completed one full circle of loop.

Repeat the above mentioned process BUT this time around the first section of webbing that have been created.

Continue to create circles of webbing by looping over and around each sectionof thread between the previous loops.

Once there is a small space left in the middle, string on a bead, push it all the way through the center without releasing the tension on the thread. Make a tight knot.

Arrange sets of feathers and beads and add laces or ribbons or both and tie them to add the finishing touches to your dreamcatcher.

Ta daaa. .! πŸ˜„

The dreamcatcher is ready to adorn your wall or your bed stand or wherever you please to put it.

I will be back tomorrow with a dreamcatcher-inspired craft. Until then….

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting




From the beautiful Northeast of India, I am the β€˜Artistically Crafty’ Muskymiris (musk-y-miris) and this is my blog Sublime Queen Strawberry. Apart from indulging in the sweet ecstasy of being a food lover and a bibliophile, I am a Biotechnology graduate from St. Edmund’s College, Shillong. Basically an ambivert by nature, I just heart cartoon movies. Starting out as more of a hobby initially, crafting turned into a passion for me as I realised I could bring my imagination to a tangible reality. The OMG! I love its, so pretty and so beautifuls and the occasional this is amazings added stars to my satisfaction level and kept fuelling my enthusiasm meter. Sublime Queen Strawberry is a fun and creative compendium of unlimited source and inspiration for every craft enthusiast. Let’s spread some craftiness. With much love , Have fun. – Happy Crafting

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