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Dreamcatcher-inspired Card

Hey crafters πŸ™‹

Today I will be sharing with you a three-fold card inspired by dreamcatcher.

The card is 12 x 5 inches and has been folded in 3″ and 9″.

There is a cute little 3D butterfly silhouette on top of the card.


On the inside of the card there is a dreamcatcher on the center flap. A pair of feathers on the right flap with the sentiment – ‘Chase your destiny’. On the left flap there is a frilly circular cardstock with the sentiment – ‘Make a wish’.

The feathers are cut-out from cardstock and are tied together using yarn and then glued to the right flap of the card.


The card could be a present for a birthday or it could simply be for someone to make them feel motivated.



Here are some images of the card.


Fairly easy, yes?

Do send me your versions of Dreamcatcher-inspired card.

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting



From the beautiful Northeast of India, I am the β€˜Artistically Crafty’ Muskymiris (musk-y-miris) and this is my blog Sublime Queen Strawberry. Apart from indulging in the sweet ecstasy of being a food lover and a bibliophile, I am a Biotechnology graduate from St. Edmund’s College, Shillong. Basically an ambivert by nature, I just heart cartoon movies. Starting out as more of a hobby initially, crafting turned into a passion for me as I realised I could bring my imagination to a tangible reality. The OMG! I love its, so pretty and so beautifuls and the occasional this is amazings added stars to my satisfaction level and kept fuelling my enthusiasm meter. Sublime Queen Strawberry is a fun and creative compendium of unlimited source and inspiration for every craft enthusiast. Let’s spread some craftiness. With much love , Have fun. – Happy Crafting

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