Feather Works – The Prologue

Craft, Guest post

Greetings crafters 🙏

Sublime Queen Strawberry has a guest this week!!!

Please say hello to our first ever feature – Feather Works where dreamcatchers are made with a lot of love.

Feather Works is an establishment of handmade dreamcatcher. They make dreamcatchers in all forms ranging from wall hangings to cute little keychains.

Feathers Works and Sublime Queen Strawberry shares similar views when it comes to dreams and/or in a crafting point of view – Dreamcatchers.

You know what?

Let me take a back seat for this week while my guest Feather Works will be giving you an account of their story and their dreamcatchers.


Hello Sublime Queen Strawberrys‘ 👋

I was so glad when I found out that for this month’s series Muskymiris chose Dreamcatchers for Sublime Queen Strawberry. I was even more delighted when she approached me for a feature on Sublime Queen Strawberry. 😊

How about we start from a little bit about myself ?

I was born and brought up in the very lap of nature, in the beautiful city of Shillong. I did my graduation in Mass Communication from here, before I moved to Mumbai to pursue my post-grad. I worked in a Digital Marketing company for a year and then finally moved back to Shillong where I do freelance graphic designing in case I get free time from pursuing my hobby.

“If you make your hobby your work, you’ll never have a single working day in life.”

I have always believed in the maxim and made this the motto of my life. I follow my passion in art and creativity and make dreamcatchers and paintings, and conduct professional photo and video shoots.

The most satisfying aspect of this facet of my life is when I see my dreamcatchers hanging in a friend’s place and in various cafés or my paintings adorning the walls of a reputed hotel in Shillong.


The first ever Dreamcatcher I saw was somewhere in 2012, at a friend’s place and I immediately fell in love with it.

I began my research on dreamcatchers and when I read about its significance – the mystic nature of these little catchers completely mesmerized me!

I made one for myself the very next day. But one wasn’t enough!!

I wanted to try out different colours and styles. So I made many more and eventually I gifted them to my friends.

Soon my dreamcatchers were in demand and many of my friends wanted one for themselves or wanted to gift them to their loved ones.

A friend then suggested that I start selling them. So I just came up with a facebook page and uploaded the designs. The response was unexpected! From one customer to the next, in a couple of months, the raw materials started occupying an entire almirah from just a little corner in my drawer 😁

DC for Kids-1.JPG

“Inspiration comes in many ways and in many forms.”

My source of inspiration is – nature and my travels.

After my trip to Pondicherry, I made a series using shells which I had collected from Paradise beach.

The starry night sky in Ladakh inspired my ‘The Night Sky‘ dreamcatcher.

Ladakh SkyThe Night SKy~2

Likewise clear blue water and beautiful sunsets in my hometown have inspired several other catchers.


Developing the skill of making a dreamcatcher is no rocket science. What matters in the thought, feeling, mood and environment that goes into making them.

How about a dreamcatcher inspired from your biggest dream and/or your inspiration?

Tell me about your biggest dream and where your inspiration comes from.

A dreamcatcher for every dreamer 😊

I will drop by tomorrow for some more inside peak into my life as an artist and more on my establishment – Feather Works.

Till then …. Keep spreading the vibes!

See you tomorrow!
NOTE: All photographs are copyright to Feather Works.


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