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Feather Works – The Epilogue

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

Yesterday was a pleasant surprise! It was really nice meeting Feather Works, wasn’t it?

How amazing is it to be able to weave and capture dreams and inspirations onto a dreamcatcher! And I must say, they do a really good job in it!

She did promise us to be back for today too. So, Please welcome Feather Works.


Hello again!!

As promised, I am back today!


I came up with Feather Works right around the time I started getting orders of dreamcatchers in bulk as well as customized.

The material I like to work with the most is feathers. Hence the name – Feather Works. I believe these feathers carry our dreams, they are soft and light, but put together – they give wings to our dreams.


I use synthetic feathers as I am an animal lover although a fallen feather on my way never goes unmissed and unpicked. I love collecting them 😊

Feather Works is all about spreading good vibes.

Each dreamcatcher is made with a lot of love. I strongly believe that the maker’s thoughts and mood is transferred to the dreamcatcher. As such, I make sure the maker is in a good mood and positive environment while weaving the dreamcatchers.

We aim that our dreamcatchers act as a constant reminder of their dreams to the owners.

Beads. Feathers. Threads.

I can never have enough of them. I am always hunting for different kinds of feathers and embellishments to decorate the catchers!


The one prominent feature which defines Feather Works is COLOUR. I love experimenting with colours.

Our rainbow coloured dreamcatcher has been the bestseller dreamcatcher since the start.


To add more variety I am coming up with a series using broken vines from trees. This series will have a more tribal look and will be made using browns and creams.

big tree of lifeTree of life

I strongly believe we weave our mood together while making the web. So, inorder for the dreamcatcher to work, it is very important that we only have positive thoughts around us.

Dream it and Weave it.

Persevere and Preserve.

Keep pursuing until it is fulfilled.

Keep spreading the vibes!

Feather Works

Dreamcatchers made with a lot of love.

Mail :

Instagram : dreamcatchers_india


NOTE : All photographs are copyright to Feather Works. 



From the beautiful Northeast of India, I am the β€˜Artistically Crafty’ Muskymiris (musk-y-miris) and this is my blog Sublime Queen Strawberry. Apart from indulging in the sweet ecstasy of being a food lover and a bibliophile, I am a Biotechnology graduate from St. Edmund’s College, Shillong. Basically an ambivert by nature, I just heart cartoon movies. Starting out as more of a hobby initially, crafting turned into a passion for me as I realised I could bring my imagination to a tangible reality. The OMG! I love its, so pretty and so beautifuls and the occasional this is amazings added stars to my satisfaction level and kept fuelling my enthusiasm meter. Sublime Queen Strawberry is a fun and creative compendium of unlimited source and inspiration for every craft enthusiast. Let’s spread some craftiness. With much love , Have fun. – Happy Crafting

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