You can do it too !

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Greetings crafters,

How is everyone?

It has been some time we have had a chat, hasn’t it? I have been caught up in quite some of my craftwork.

Well, Sublime Queen Strawberry has a very special guest today.

Please welcome Paul Fernandes – Founder of Imagination Breathing, Author of  Coffee or Passion?, and a very good friend of mine.

Paul is one of those who had a vision and worked hard to make them a reality.

Handing it over to Paul.

You Can Do It Too !

Couple of weeks back Musky mentioned to me that she was working on dreamcatcher and dreams inspired craft series and she requested me to write an article for Sublime Queen Strawberry regarding my journey of following my passion.

Now , I am choosey about where I publish my articles but here I could not refuse, seeing the work she has been doing and how fast her popularity of her craftwork has taken pace. With the portrait of Bob Dylan on the walls of Dylan’s Café in Shillong to getting customized orders from her increasing customers.
I am Paul Fernandes, the founder of Imagination Breathing (, Author of Coffee or Passion? and a lecturer in an International school in Panchgani.



Few years ago I had set out on a journey to make an impact in the lives of people with the help of inspiring articles, very little did I know that it will take momentum and make its way to the viewers in 113 countries.

Why do I tell this to you? 

Simple, If I could make it, so can you and everyone reading this article.
I had a dream of making the positive opinions of people be heard around the world. I knew there are millions of people who have a story to tell, but are never heard, either because they do not get the opportunity or they are too shy. I created the platform and people wanted to read what ‘Imagination Breathing’ had to say.

Following your Dream is never going to be easy.

I remember making a choice of sacrificing things I love to collect enough money to buy rights for “Imagination”. Not everyone is going to Believe in you at first and we need to accept that. You have to believe in yourself. I had people mocking me saying “who the hell are going to read your articles.” And I often said “The world” and today the same people ask me for advice to kick start their life of following their dreams.

Hardwork- There is no easy way out.


I remember sitting at 2 in the morning in Shillong while the rest of the Shillong were sleeping. I would do that to get a better net connectivity.

I never raised Imagination Breathing where it is now on my own. Today I want to thank all the contributors of the articles published on ‘IB’. They have made IB what it is now. It feels good when the posts posted on IB have helped people to follow their passion, to cope up with depression, sexual abuse, suicidal tendencies and above all it has helped them to love.
Your love for your passion will be understood by no one, even the people closest to you. They may support you , BUT WHAT IT MEANS AND HOW MUCH IT MEANS WILL ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD BY YOU.
Don’t tell me you don’t have ideas and no matter how insignificant it may seem, there is a seed of possibility and love in it. So go follow your dream.
I would love to get in touch with you, and if you require any help, I will be more than happy to help you. Get in touch with me at –


You can also follow me on Facebook @imagination breathing

 Paul Fernandes, 


Imagination Breathing 

Inspiring lives.



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