Double Diamond Fold Card


Yes!!! Card!!

The most simplest and heart-touching way of sending sentiment(s) to the loved ones 😊

Greetings Crafters 🙏

How is everyone?

Today I will be putting up a tutorial on how to make a double diamond fold card.

I won’t be showing you how to make the card from start to end. But I will, however, put up the steps to be followed to make the basic card – followed by some pictures of a card I made.

This card could be flattened and put in an envelope for mailing and also could adorn the mantel as it can stand on its own.

So let’s start with the tutorial!

To make this card, we will need a 10″ x 4″ inch cardstock.

On this cardstock, score at 2″ and 8″ vertically and at 2″ horizontally.

Next, make points at 4″ and 6″ on top and bottom of the card.

Make another set of points at 3″ and 7″ on the horizontal line of the cardstock.

Score them using a scoring tool or the blunt end of a pen without the refill on it.

After the scoring is done, it now time to fold the card.

So firstly fold horizontally.

Open the fold and then make folds on the 2″ and 8″ end of the card.

Flip it over.

Now, push the sides inward and the center outward simultaneously.

As soon as the card comes into shape, press it well with a bone folder so that it would hold the card folds in place. The card would have diamond-shapes on either side.

I have used the stamps Newton’s Sick Day from Newton’s Nook Design for my card.

You can always choose any theme and embellish it in any way you would want to.

So. Here is my finished card.

So, try it out. Let your creativity take the driver’s seat and watch the magic unfold.

And if you need any help you can always contact me.

I will be seeing you all tomorrow again.

Till then,

Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting


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