Birthday Box Card

Greetings crafters 🙏

Today I will be putting up a tutorial on how to make a box card. To make this card, I have used stickers from hike, because I love hike so much 😍

Today is my gal pal’s birthday! So this for you sweety 😙

So crafters, let’s start with the tutorial of a birthday box card.

To make this box card we will require a cardstock measuring 6″ x 13″ inch. Divide and score them into 3″ inch horizontally and the remaining 1″ inch will act as the tab. Next score them at 2″ inch vertically. The following template should help.


Score on the dotted lines and cut the straight lines i.e 2″ inch  from the top.

Cut off the corners of the tab.

Next glue the tab onto place i.e. to the other end of the card stock.

It will form a box with flaps on the top.

Onto the center of the hollowed box add two to three tabs to glue onto some stickers. ( Sorry, I forgot to take those pictures)


Decorate and vóila!

Cardbox is ready! Flatten it and put it onto an envelope and mail it. As the reciever opens it, it would pop out to form the 3-D card!!




Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting


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