Making of my first Birdhouse


Hello crafters! 👋


Long time no see, eh?

I know! You see, for the past one month I have been just so busy!! I have taken up a project which kept me tied up for most of my times. In addition I also have been studying. I have got a major exam coming up so I have and it just have been a really busy time for me.

So I have had a few friends this past month! Let me introduce them to you.

Say hello to…… uh……. my tools!?!


A bit too dramatic?! I know!

But truth be told I have been spending way more time cutting amd nailing and colouring in the process of creating my first BIRDHOUSE!!!

Check out some pictures 👇


All this started back when I saw a couple of sparrows on my yard. They seemed so so cute! ❤ I started putting out little food for them and to my surprise it would vanish in no time! I started a little detective investigation because the amount of food I used to put out was impossible to go out so soon! Turns out they aren’t eating any of it. They are carrying the food on their beaks!

I figured there were baby sparrows somewhere! 🐣

And it hit me! Let’s make some houses for those little buddies of ours!

My granny’s place is full of them!

Now I have around 12 sparrows! This makes me so happy!!!

So I figured I would make a couple more and put them up for sale! This bird house opens from the top for cleaning purposes.

I am sharing some pictures. Have a look!


I have layered it well with primer. It will protect the ply and will give the birshouse a lasting effect.


Right now I am colouring them. As soon as that process is over I will make another post.


Till then, keep following me on Instagram @muskymiris. I keep uploading little sneak peak videos on Instagram.


Much Love,

Have fun.

– Happy Crafting!